Are you prepared for the Digital Marketing Trends of the Future?

Digital-MarketingAs a business owner in India or anywhere else in the world, you might be undergoing a transition or more so a digital transition. Digital Marketing as we know today has changed the whole face of promotion and brand activity. With the infusion of modern technologies and the dominance of keyword-based searches and search engine optimization, a digital marketing agency in India is proficiently utilizing the evolving trends to cash in on their product and service


In this day and age, a lot of businesses are either adopting digital methods to execute their plan of action or boosting existing marketing strategies with digital advertising techniques.

Below are some vital digital marketing trends you should follow for seamless business activity.


Video Marketing


Video content is the most attractive element everywhere throughout all the social media platforms. Regardless of whether you are advertising your business on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube or Twitter, social media engagement is and will only grow from here on. The video expresses what is on your mind and conveys the right kind of message which can improve our sales and service.

Video Marketing

Viewers watch a million types of video on Youtube and Facebook every day. It is smarter to begin posting more video content every month. Regardless of you do a Facebook Live, YouTube video or a video for your website, what is important is to start delivering quality video content for your clients.

The video is a standout amongst the best digital marketing companies in India. 73% of respondents in a 2015 Web Video Marketing Council contemplated that video positively affected their promotional activities. Companies like Dove, Nestle, and even Patanjali are using video content to good use in connecting with the end consumers.


The spotlight will be on Voice Searches


Voice SearchWith Google Voice and Siri, the voice search has turned out to be less demanding and advantageous for some clients who don’t care or like typing. The Voice-Recognition Software is getting to be dependable in light of the fact that they can comprehend typical human speech. Here, the SEO specialists need to seek out keywords or expressions, which can be said out loud and will make the scan simple for clients. The search engine optimization services indiamethodology utilized as a part of the year 2018 will also continue in 2019 and the future, thus making voice searches a priority for many online marketing companies in India and elsewhere.


Influencer marketing is one from the future trends


Influencer marketingInfluencer marketing as a methodology has been developing in popularity from the last couple of years, and business houses, product developers, and even the top digital marketing companies’ in India and around the world are noticing this change. As per, 84% of advertisers anticipated executing no less than one influencer promoting effort in 2017, and organizations generate $6.50 for each $1 resources put into influencer marketing. Clothing brands and beauty products have heavily invested in this phenomenon and are gaining prominence and good image though micro influencers.


 Chatbots will be the talk of the town


Touted as one of the best digital marketing trends of the future, chatbots have divided conclusion on their potential effect. While some recommend that we will communicate with brands and performing tasks essentially through chatbots sooner rather than later, others question how agreeable customers will be with machines that can regularly be baffling in their absence of adaptability.


This is the place headways in AI are changing the notion. After 2018 you will see chatbots developed to a point where they will turn out to be truly helpful for both the brands and customers alike. Indeed, by 2025, the worldwide chatbot market is sure to reach $1.23 billion.


 Mobile Optimization


A large number of organizations lose potential leads due to low loading speed capacity of their website pages. Keep in mind that around 57%-60% of the page activity originates from smartphones. The use of Accelerated Mobile Pages will help in multiplying the stacking rate to four times, which in the long run increase your lead’s prospects by 35%.

Mobile Optimization

Social media and digital marketing experts of India are heavily betting on this scenario and are actively employing strategies to make people enjoy a seamless browsing experience of their website.

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